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Why Wienerschnitzel

Hot Dogs, Hot Profits

Discover the Benefits of the World’s Largest Hot Dog Franchise

Simple Operations

At Wienerschnitzel, we believe in simplicity. Our franchise operations are designed to be streamlined and efficient, making it easier for our franchisees to run their businesses smoothly. With our proven systems and processes, you can focus on delivering delicious food and exceptional customer service without unnecessary complexities.

Extremely Low Food Costs

Wienerschnitzel franchise owners reap the benefits of extremely low food costs. We have established strong relationships with trusted suppliers, allowing us to source high-quality ingredients at competitive prices. This enables our franchisees to maximize profitability and achieve attractive profit margins year-over-year.

Unique and Indulgent Menu

Our menu is a true delight for hot dog lovers. We offer a unique and indulgent selection of 11 signature dogs, including the renowned Chilin Cheese Dog, along with a variety of sides and Tasty Freeze desserts. By elevating the hot dog experience, we stand out from the crowd and capture the hearts (and taste buds) of our customers.

Small Real Estate Requirements

Wienerschnitzel restaurant formats allow for small real estate footprints, making it a cost-effective option for expansion. With our efficient restaurant layouts, you can optimize your space and minimize overhead costs. This flexibility opens up various location opportunities, allowing you to establish your Wienerschnitzel franchise in high-traffic areas that suit your target market.

Get the Scoop from Our Franchisees

Since our founding in 1961, we’ve attracted intelligent, savvy entrepreneurs to join our franchise family. In fact, many of our original franchise owners are still with us, nearly 60-years later! As our brand ambassadors in their communities, our franchisees own businesses that bring joy and allow families and friends to get closer — one hot dog at a time.

Hear What a Few of Our Franchisees Have to Say About Why They Love Wienerschnitzel:

“I’ve been a part of Wienerschnitzel since I was 17, and I’m 38 now. I started as a cook in a Wienerschnitzel business, and I fell in love with the food, this brand and the opportunity that it could give me. With this company being a close-knit family, I felt like I had a chance to succeed — and it turns out, I was right. Now I have four Wienerschnitzel locations in California, and it’s far exceeded my expectations. I’m developing people, just as I was developed, and it’s so incredibly rewarding. We’re one of a kind — everyone has hamburgers and pizza, but who has hot dogs? We do, and our hot dogs are the best. I really believe in this brand, in our leadership team, and I believe that our future is incredibly bright.”

“We’re not burgers, we’re not sandwiches, we’re not pizza. We have a niche that no one else occupies and Wienerschnitzel really dominates.”

“Our systems are so much simpler than our competitor’s, which gives us a big advantage labor-wise and food cost-wise, and it’s an untapped market.”

“The concept is fairly easy to run, the people you work with are usually great, the customers are devoted.”

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