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About Us

Wienerschnitzel’s Americana Legacy

Join the World’s Largest Hot Dog Franchise With 60+ Years of Success

From our humble beginnings as a single family-owned hot dog stand in Southern California to becoming the world’s largest hot dog franchise, Wienerschnitzel is one of the true pioneers of the quick-service food industry, making waves for over 60 years.

As an iconic American brand with a devoted, cult-like following, we have positioned ourselves for the next-generation of franchise owners with highly efficient restaurants and operations.

Wienerschnitzel Franchise guests eating outside
Wienerschnitzel hot dog

Paying Homage to Heritage

Putting an American Classic in the Spotlight

Wienerschnitzel hot fudge sundae

At Wienerschnitzel, we believe that hot dogs deserve the limelight. Our unique menu goes far beyond the ordinary hot dog, with a delicious lineup of 11 signature dogs that have become fan-favorites. From our iconic Chili Cheese Dog to a fresh assortment of sides and topped off with Tasty Freeze desserts, our hot dog franchise takes pride in delivering an experience that delights customers worldwide.

Busy Wienerschnitzel drive thru

A Cult-Like Following and Unparalleled Success

With over 120 million hot dogs served annually, it’s no wonder that Wienerschnitzel has become the nation’s #1 hot dog franchise. Entrepreneur Magazine has consistently recognized our brand as a top player in the hot dog category for seven consecutive years, a testament to our devoted fan base and exceptional franchisee support.

A Standout Brand in the QSR Industry

Filling a Hot Dog Void

While the quick-service restaurant industry is oversaturated with various hamburger, chicken and sandwich concepts, Wienerschnitzel distinguishes our business by being the go-to destination for hot dog lovers. As the leading hot dog brand, we understand the unwavering love Americans have for hot dogs, and we capitalize on this passion by consistently delivering an exceptional experience.

Innovative Strategies for Success

To stay ahead of the competition, Wienerschnitzel combines our core menu offerings with innovative marketing strategies. Our hilarious marketing campaigns on television and social media effectively engage the Millennials and Gen Z demographics. Plus, we’re enhancing operations with artificial intelligence and using game theory in our training programs, equipping franchisees with the tools to maximize profitability and continuously adapt to changing trends.

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