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If you’ve been to Southern California, you have probably seen our iconic A-Frame restaurants with the famous slanted roofs and sunny red and yellow colors. While we’ve evolved our restaurant models far beyond what we built 60-years ago, Wienerschnitzel has developed brand new restaurant standards that are designed to help franchisees take advantage of prime real estate in their communities.

While demand for good real estate makes it harder to find, a smaller footprint is easier to source. Today we keep lineage to the A-Frame with a sleek new restaurant building that is cost-effective and undeniably impressive. It’s memorable design is incredibly efficient, with more real estate options where competitors typically cannot go.

New Construction

There are (5) different models of new construction building prototypes, with the Heritage (800 sq. ft.) – featuring drive thru and walk-up only, and the Heritage Plus (1,400 sq. ft.) – with drive thru and walk-up, plus inside seating for 16-20. The Heritage models are most preferred due to their minimal lot size requirements. These buildings stand out in a crowd, and are built for speed and profits.


With good real estate, a second-generation building with drive-thru ability can be an excellent choice for a new Wienerschnitzel. There are a number of variables when reviewing a conversion building, but if approved, the end result can be a reasonable cost savings in opening your doors.

End Cap

Our end-cap design with a drive-thru feature, can be customized to fit into almost any space, allowing for convenient access for customers on the go.

All of our franchise models are designed to be operationally efficient, with reduced square footage requirements and to maximize profit-potential.

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