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4 Reasons Why Wienerschnitzel Should Be In Your Franchise Portfolio

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Multi Unit Franchising

Multi-unit franchising is one of the most lucrative paths for franchise owners because it accelerates growth, revenues, and ensures stability across a portfolio of business holdings.

And, entrepreneurs looking for a great multi-unit business opportunity should take a closer look at Wienerschnitzel.

Need proof that Wienerschnitzel offers unlimited scalability? Look no further than Farouk Diab, who runs 23 Wienerschnitzel locations in California and Nevada.

“Farouk and his family have proven they are successful franchisees,” said Ted Milburn, director of franchise development for Wienerschnitzel. “As a veteran of Wienerschnitzel and our biggest franchisee, he understands the brand and knows a great business opportunity when he sees one.”

wienerschnitzel franchise portfolioA Little Bit of Everything

Any successful restaurant owner or QSR franchisee knows their franchise portfolio should include American cuisines in some way. Americans love American food, that’s a given. There’s no sounder investment than offering a product people want. Studies show 1 in 3 Americans eat fast food every day!

But burger restaurants, however, are an oversaturated market. One study from IBIS World estimated there are nearly 84,000 burger restaurants in the country. Statista said there are more than 75,000 pizza shops in the U.S. alone, making it impossible to stand out in the crowded field. It comes to a point where Americans start to feel their choices all taste the same, and lose a sense of brand loyalty.

That’s why being part of a niche market like hot dogs has been so intriguing for so many aspiring entrepreneurs researching the investment opportunity at Wienerschnitzel. There just aren’t many restaurants offering the high quality, delicious Wienerschnitzel menu, making it a standout in the hot dog QSR market. To be sure, a diverse franchise portfolio in the QSR segment should have three brands that don’t compete with each other, yet still play to niches like pizza, chicken, tacos, and hot dogs.

Work With Something You Know and Like

It’s true – aspiring entrepreneurs should pick a brand they like, whether that’s offering hot dogs or chili cheese fries, but not base their decision off liking the product. It’s about believing in the business model, sound financials and corporate support. Making this decision, potential franchisees should choose a brand that fits with their goals, needs and objectives.

Some common questions to ask: Do you own at least two drive-thru restaurants? Are you looking at investing in, and opening another location? If so, choosing to research Wienerschnitzel can fit with what you already know. Our business model can be adapted to your own situation.

Work With Someone That Supports You

Wienerschnitzel has been around since 1961, so suffice to say, we’re confident in saying we are a franchise brand that has the knowledge and experience to help multi-unit franchisees succeed. Among other multi-unit deals signed this year, Wienerschnitzel inked a 20-unit deal to expand into Arkansas.

Tahir Salim, who owns multiple locations across California, Texas, and Utah, put it this way:

“Wienerschnitzel’s low build-out and operating costs, along with the company’s forward-thinking marketing approach, are among the many reasons we continue to grow with the brand,” he says. “Over the years, after seeing consistently solid ROI, I’ve gotten my sons involved as an opportunity for their own growth. There’s no question in my mind that Wienerschnitzel has a bright future ahead, and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

Add A Nostalgic Brand To Your Franchise Portfolio

Having a hot dog at a ballgame or at a picnic in the summer is one of the most nostalgic feelings we share as Americans. That’s why Wienerschnitzel, which has been around more than 60 years, has become synonymous with that feeling of sentimental happiness for the past, and all its good memories.

Selling a product, such as hot dogs, that Americans love and long for, is why advertising Wienerschnitzel’s products are so effective. Our customers know what they come through our doors for, and we’re there to greet them with a smile and offer high quality ingredients in a delicious and compelling menu.

Indeed, a great addition to any franchise portfolio missing a successful legacy brand should look no further than Wienerschnitzel. Our storied franchise history started with a single location in California in 1961, and has now grown to more than 350 locations. Even still, we’re family through and through, and treat every franchisee as an extension of that family history.

“Wienerschnitzel has incredible brand equity with a very unique identity,” Milburn says. “We’ve reinvested significantly in our brand: a new restaurant design with a smaller footprint, a marketing team going after the next generation of customers, and the result is that we have 11 years of same-store sales increases.”

Add Wienerschnitzel To Your Franchise Portfolio Today

If you’re looking to grow and diversify your revenue streams, Wienerschnitzel makes a great addition to any franchise portfolio. America’s love of hot dogs is strong, and Wienerschnitzel has become the largest hot dog QSR franchise in the country. Our quick-to-scale business model makes Wienerschnitzel a compelling opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to expand and diversify their franchise portfolio.

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