What is the Return on Investment?

Top-rated hot dog franchise offers a proven business model

After 60-years in business, Wienerschnitzel has a new story to tell. For the past ten years, the world’s largest hot dog franchise has experienced continual same-store sales growth at a time when many brands in the QSR industry are either flat-lining or heading in the opposite direction.

Heritage wienerschnitzel opening post covid / Wienerschnitzel Return on Investment

“What makes us unique is that we have a lot of versatility,” says Rusty Bills, VP of Operations with Wienerschnitzel. “We have the newest and most efficient building type in our heritage model, with low-cost builds compared to many in the QSR space. We have other free-standing buildings and end-caps with a drive-thru that offer exceptional flexibility to develop in. We have two of the most iconic foods in America, with hot dogs and soft serve, and are incredibly well known. We’re an iconic brand in the Southwest, but we’re ready to be known everywhere.”

The new initiatives are working. According to Item 19 of our 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), the top 25% of Wienerschnitzel franchise locations averaged $1,432,387** in annual sales. Please request our FDD for more information.

Validating the Franchise Opportunity

In your franchise discovery process, you may be granted an invitation to speak with our Wienerschnitzel franchisees. This is one of the most important steps in your learning process that will help you better understand day-to-day operations, training, home office support, sales and potential profits first-hand. We well-prepare you in advance of making these calls, to help you obtain productive results. In addition, we encourage you to learn industry sales and trends from other sources, so that you have a better picture of your own performance expectations.

“We’ve been helping franchisees thrive for decades,” says JR Galardi, President of Wienerschnitzel. “We have an entire team devoted to maximizing our franchisee’s success — and this isn’t just talk. We meet every month to think up new ways to help our franchisees increase profitability, and because we’re a family-owned business, we can act on these decisions quickly. The same-store sales increases that we’ve experienced for the past 10 years aren’t going to stop. The success of our franchisees is our top priority, and everyone on the executive team shares that commitment.”

How Do You Become a Top-Performer?

While Wienerschnitzel provides exceptional training and ongoing support, how prosperous your business becomes is ultimately up to you. The most successful Wienerschnitzel franchise owners are extremely active in their businesses. They’re in their restaurants daily, making sure that their staff is performing at a high-level, that their guests are getting exceptional customer service, that the food is served hot, the bathrooms are kept clean, and that everything is operating smoothly. This means that as an owner, you will have to become a leader of your team. You will need to create a culture of excellence in your restaurants and provide your team with the personal development they need to deliver an exceptional experience for your customers.

“Our top-performers are people that aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty,” Galardi says. “Making a restaurant successful requires a lot of hard work and sweat equity. We’re looking for people who are passionate leaders and who can instill their drive for success in their team. Wienerschnitzel can give you all the support and resources you need to thrive, but how well you’re going to do is ultimately up to you.”

Ready To Invest In A Wienerschnitzel Franchise?

With open territory, new store designs, and a new generation of nostalgia-driven consumers, Wienerschnitzel is a worthy investment for an entrepreneur who wants to bring the best tasting hot dog on the planet to their community. With industry-leading support, a proven business model, and 10 years of continual same-store sales increases, the time to invest in a Wienerschnitzel franchise is now!

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