Where are We Growing?

Iconic hot dog franchise is ready to rapidly expand

Wienerschnitzel is ready for the national spotlight. Since 1961, Wienerschnitzel has become a part of the fabric of Southern California where our brand was founded. In that time, Wienerschnitzel has won millions of fans, and as a result of a proven business model and a culture of exceptional franchise support, we’ve also become the world’s largest hot dog franchise.

With more than 325 locations in ten states, Wienerschnitzel is on the move. We’re ramping up franchise development efforts to strengthen our significant footprint in the Southwest, as well as growing the brand into new markets.

Here are the markets we’re targeting for expansion:

“There’s no question that our brand has a ton of momentum going into 2020,” says Ted Milburn, Director of Franchise Development with Wienerschnitzel. “We’ve recently signed a multi-unit deal in Texas for 32 new units, and we’re just beginning to grow our brand in that market. By focusing on what is a compelling story for entrepreneurs — eight years of consistent same-store growth, and by growing our brand the right way with the right people, Wienerschnitzel is only getting started as far as franchise development is concerned. There’s a lot of open territory available in prime markets, and a lot of opportunity for entrepreneurs to thrive with an iconic brand.”

Wienerschnitzel has the perfect restaurant model for any market

If you’ve been to Southern California, you have probably seen our iconic A-Frame restaurants, with the famous slanted roofs and sunny red and yellow colors. While we’ve evolved our restaurant models far beyond what we built nearly 60 years ago, Wienerschnitzel has developed brand new restaurant designs that are designed to help franchisees take advantage of prime real estate in their communities.

Here are our restaurant models:

hot dog franchise


With drive-thru for strip center locations

hot dog franchise


Free-standing restaurant with a drive-thru

hot dog franchise


Free-standing restaurant with a drive-thru

hot dog franchise


An existing building with a drive-thru

All of our franchise models are designed to be operationally efficient, with reduced square footage requirements and to maximize profit-potential.

How We Decide Where to Place a hot dog franchise

Selecting the ideal location for your new restaurant is perhaps the most important decision you will have to make as a franchise owner. With Wienerschnitzel, you won’t have to do it alone.

Our real-estate team provides tools and resources to help you through the process of choosing your location, buildout and construction, and coaching you through finalizing your real estate deal.

Our requirements for real estate on the ‘Heritage’ model are based on these key metrics:

  • Traffic: 30,000 + ADT at site
  • Population: 30,000 + (trade area)
  • Land requirements: 0.3 – 0.5 acre
  • Minimum drive-thru stacking: 6-8 cars
  • Median income: $50,000 (trade area)
  • Building size: 780/SF (Heritage) 1,300/SF (Heritage Plus)
  • Heritage – Seating for 12, outdoor patio only; Heritage Plus – seating for 20, indoor dining room

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