Limited Franchising

Limited franchising is a unique business opportunity

If you are qualified and willing to invest time and effort into operating a successful quick-serve restaurant, then we would like to hear from you.

The limited franchise opportunity represents an excellent offering for someone with (minimum) three years’ successful management experience in the quick service restaurant industry. For an initial security deposit ranging in between $5,000 and $15,000, a selected franchisee can be granted the rights to operate a limited franchised Wienerschnitzel or hamburger stand business. The limited franchise opportunity requires that the individual be free of other active employment or business ventures and operates the restaurant on a full-time, hands-on basis.

If you are selected as a limited candidate, you will be provided with a comprehensive 8-week training program. During the training period, you are provided with a basic “allowance” to help cover your personal expenses.

All limited operators must successfully complete the extensive, multi-week training program prior to taking over the operation of a limited Wienerschnitzel or hamburger stand restaurant business. You will execute a limited franchise agreement, which grants a month-to-month operator license. (please read details in the limited franchise disclosure document – the FDD – after submitting an application.)

Highlights of the limited program

Galardi Group Franchise Corp & LLC

  • Owns the restaurant & building asset
  • Provides restaurant operation training
  • Responsible for major repairs and replacement
  • Responsible for new paint and décor as required
  • Provides a month-to-month operator agreement
  • Provides guaranteed fixed food costs rate
  • Provides promo discounts and certain reimbursements
  • Ongoing field support and training

Limited Franchise

  • Pays rent, does not have large investment
  • Maintains daily cleaning and inspection
  • Maintains clean appearance inside & out
  • Responsible for hiring/managing employees
  • Responsible for food ordering and employee payroll
  • Responsible for monthly bills and own p&l statement
  • Invests $5,000 to $15,000 for security deposit
  • Purchases opening inventory $2,500 to $10,000

For the initial security deposit and opening food inventory, the Galardi Group Franchise Corp. & LLC may accept 50% payment for each, with the 50% balance due in payments. Please read the FDD regarding range of additional operating costs and weekly payments once your business is launched.

Franchise support

With additional development courses and franchise support from the Galardi Group Franchise Corp, you are equipped to handle decisions and reap the rewards of a challenging restaurant business. Our training team and ongoing field support from your franchise business consultant is second-to-none.

Open markets

These restaurants may be available in any one of 9 states – or none at all. Today, we welcome your application submission for an open market opportunity, or to keep on file for a potential future opportunity.

Additional information

The limited franchise program is not structured the same as our traditional full franchise licenses. It is not suitable for investment groups, multi-unit operators or individuals seeking a passive business investment. Profits from this program are generated through successful hands-on restaurant operation.

Next steps

To begin your consideration as a limited franchisee, please request a franchise application from:

We will promptly respond with a blank application for you to complete and return.

Galardi Group Franchise Corp.
7700 Irvine Center Dr. #550
Irvine, CA 92618