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Wienerschnitzel Franchise Returns To Houston In a Big Way

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World’s Largest Hot Dog Franchise opens in New Caney, TX –the first of 32-restaurants scheduled for the greater Houston market

Wienerschnitzel has returned to Houston for the first time in nearly 30-years. The first location opened with what will be multiple restaurants scheduled throughout the Houston market as part of a long-term expansion into Texas’ largest city.

The World’s Largest Hot Dog Franchise opened in New Caney, 30 miles northeast of downtown Houston on May 28, 2019. The restaurant at 20172 U.S. Highway 59, debuted its iconic hot dog-focused menu in an 1,800 square foot end-cap with drive thru location.

The New Caney Wienerschnitzel will be followed by a second new restaurant in Baytown, east of downtown Houston, by the end of 2019.

“Our objective is to make Wienerschnitzel a household name in Texas,” says Zaheed Umatiya, managing partner of Houston Wieners LLC, a local family-owned and operated franchise group spearheading the brand’s area growth.

The 32-unit expansion will be built out over a 15-year development schedule, with select flagship stores, operated by Houston Wieners, to serve as training facilities.

Wienerschnitzel’s parent company, Galardi Group Inc., will provide initial hands-on training, local real estate, construction, and ongoing field support to help new franchisees thrive in the market.

“We have decided to develop three different restaurants: an end-cap in a strip center, a free-standing new Heritage model, and conversion of a second-generation restaurant building,” says Umatiya, head of real estate and finance management for Houston Wieners. “This will allow potential franchisees to see restaurant design options when joining the team. Along with strong corporate support, we will also provide an additional layer of support, to help franchisees build and develop successful stores.”

The Houston area development program offers opportunities for new single and multi-unit franchisees and multi-brand operators who are looking to diversify with a brand built on operational simplicity, industry low food costs and a high potential for growth.

“Wienerschnitzel has been part of the Texas family dining scene since we sold our first hot dog in Amarillo in 1968 – so it’s only fitting that we give Houstonians a local opportunity to experience our Chili Cheese Dogs, Chili Cheese Fries and Tastee-Freez frozen desserts for themselves,” said Milburn. “Thanks to local investors like Zaheed Umatiya and the Houston Wieners team, local residents will be seeing a lot more of Wienerschnitzel in the months and years to come.”

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